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— On The Bridge! —
March 26, 2014 by pop-tart

CONGRATS to RadioTube on his latest trophy winning animation, OTB- Gyrocompasses... currently front paged on Newgrounds!

This is RadioTube's 4th portal award this year! With its new series of nautical informatives, OTB has become not only a part of Clock Crew history but has gained quite a following on NG as well! Among Rube's 240 followers are none other than Tom and Wade Fulp! Big pimpin!

RadioTube's opened a collab based on this highly successful series. This is your chance to ride his coattails get in on an official CC collab if you haven't in a while!

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— February FOTM goes to... WOBBUFFET! —
March 13, 2014 by pop-tart

Congratulate Wobbuffet Clock! She is February 2014's Flash Of The Month winner for flashflood2014.swf (aka Valentine's Serenade) featuring the new hit single "You Wanna Go Get A Taco?" now available on iTunes.

Still plenty of time in March to get in on this month's contest.

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— Flood Recap And More! —
March 5, 2014 by pop-tart
Hey hey hey!

The waters have subsided and the CC has proven it can still command quite a presence when it chooses to.

February's Flash Flood generated an unprecedented EIGHT Daily Awards on Newgrounds!

The winning submissions were:

RadioTube - Cutting Edge & OTB That Circular Thing
Pop - Flash Flood 2014, Hall Of Fame Party & Happy Birthday Poly II
Coolboyman - Emit
Rob - The CC-Files
Renegade - Funky Flood MMXIV

This year's warriors included past participants as well as some new ones. Feel free to correct my math, lol..

Pop-Tart 28 movies, 1 game
Rob 28 movies
Wobbuffet 20 movies
Tropzilla 2 movies and a fuckton of illustrations
Renegade 2 movies
Coolboyman 2 games
Phantom Cat 2 movies
Billiard Ball Ten 2 movies
Teflon 2 movies
Vuvu 1 movie (collab)
Pez 2 movies (1 RIP)

PhantomCat has graciously created playlists (a b) so you can catch up on any you've missed.

Currently on the project table is Radiotube's OTB Collab. If you haven't joined yet... do it now!

I have presented an idea to a few fellow staff members for this year's big Clock Day submission. It is an out of the box concept that hasn't been tackled before.. by the CC or any other entity. It will break new ground. Or break Newgrounds. Either way, win.

Lastly, March is when we routinely hold staff elections. Logistically, we are stuck in the mud. We are unable to run the ballot software due to the recent malware bot attacks.

Patriot, Absinthe and I have agreed that keeping the current staff as is, until the problems are resolved, is the most sensible course of action. If you agree, disagree, don't give a damn, hate girl scout cookies, w/e... we are, as always, open and eager to hear your thoughts and/or alternative ideas.

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— Flash Flood V —
February 1, 2014 by pop-tart

The 5th Annual Clock Crew Fintastic Flash Flood!

Wake up, Clocktopians! Time to make it rain!

The Flood is back and not a moment too soon. Time to get back into what we do best. Pissing off the sheep.

For the month of February, we will be going Katrina on the NG Portal by submitting as many Flash creations as our little minds can conceive. Be one epic movie or a full month of spam... the goal is to have fun and inspire. Celebrate and create!

We have theme days to help on your journey. Of course, you are free to make whatever your heart desires.

Rob has provided this swell Preloader for you to use.

Time to break the levee, Zep style!

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— Happy New Year Clocks! —
January 1, 2014 by pop-tart

With all the chaos we went through in 2013 with Muslim hackers and malware injections and <insert reoccurring drama here>... I'm proud to say we are still here!

The staff has been quiet but we have indeed already begun discussing the new year and most importantly, Clock Day 2014.

January is pretty light. Use the time to join Rube's Navy with the OTB Collab!

February's Fintastic Flash Flood Four is a go and will launch in 30 days! Who's paddling with me this year? I know Rob will. Probably Pezzy. Abba had better.

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— Clock Crew Collab Front Paged —
December 27, 2013 by pop-tart
After stealing winning Daily 3rd for Dec 25th, those fine folks at Newgrounds decided to place our Clockmas Collab 2013 in their featured movies. Because tits, dicks, foul language and antisemitism is what Jesus would have wanted for his birthday.

Congrats, team. Awards pending!

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